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    With growth of dynamic economics, pressure on modern day power networks to provide increase in reliability together with growing demand is as high as ever. 

    Therefore not only development of new lines is on the agenda, but also increasing resilience of existing lines to environmental impacts. This means enormous challenges for operators without precise up-to-date information. Laserpas specializes in providing the accurate data services about your network of overhead lines. They are:

    Vegetation management – identified, measured and classified vegetation in the right of way enable effective planning and timely removal.
    Pole and line digitalization – precise coordinates and measurements of network alleviate maintenance planning.  
    Asset condition management – via high resolution imagery, coupled with UV, thermal and LIDAR sensors Laserpas allows for component health inspection
    Line profiling – projected position of lines in various environmental conditions help estimate the potential dangerous areas and take preventive actions.
    Dangerous structure management - identifying illegal buildings helps fight fences and shacks that are dangerous not only to Your network, but to surrounding population as well.


    Laserpas is a company dedicated to working with power grids. Benefits to our customers come through combination of tailor made solution and standard practices.  We carefully listen to every client’s needs and tailor exact productive inspection plan which delivers actual, precise information in suitable format. We have built and mastered the process based on our extensive experience in the overhead line inspection market.

    Data collection – we implement inspections using top-of-the-line Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, specialized for long range flights above power lines. The UAVs were tested in various harsh conditions and proved to be extremely reliable. High wind, humidity, frost and heat are no obstacles for our aircraft. 

    Data processing – data gathered during the flight is then transmitted to our team of highly skilled experts for analysis. Information about right-of-way, assets and their condition is transformed to comprehensive reports. 

    Reporting – reports for making decisions, delivering marked and classified data with summaries as well as web-based interface for a visual navigation in your network of lines. The data becomes a good input into your asset management system.

    About Us

    Laserpas is a commercial drone operator, providing surveillance and high-precision monitoring solutions for large power line operators worldwide. In our operations, we employ electric and petrol powered long range unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) which allow acquisition of larger than before amounts of data at an unprecedented frequency.

    Our solutions provide energy network operators the ability to shift from expert based decisions to data driven ones and significantly reduce power line inspection costs. Laserpas is a member of the Avia Solutions Group family – an international, publicly traded aviation holding company with over 20 subsidiaries worldwide.


    Distributie Energie Oltenia SA confirms that UAB Laserpas provided and continues to provide 3D scanning services by using flying machines – drones. We state that aforementioned services were carried out in appropriate and timely manner, therefore recommends UAB Laserpas as a reliable service provider.

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    We are interested in cooperating with UAV professionals globally for implementing the inspections. 
    We can share our unique experience of inspecting transmission and distribution lines, obtaining BVLOS permissions and cooperate in a mutually beneficial model. 
    We would invite you to do the flying and send us the data to process.


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