UAV inspection
    and monitoring
    we use them to save your time and money
    Smart building inspection

    High precision geographically oriented orthophotography
    3D modelling from photogrammetric and Lidar data
    Roof and chimney visual inspection
    Preliminary analysis of building health data

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    Smart infrastructure inspection

    High resolution orthophotography and oblique photography
    High precision geographically oriented orthophotos
    3D models, with capability for measurements
    Classified LiDAR and photogrammetric point clouds (classes predefined by customer)
    Planimetric mapping and line profiling
    Dangerous vegetation, erosion and illegal structure detection

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    Precision agriculture

    Mapping and crop inspection
    Plant health and germination index calculation: NDVI, NDRE, SAVI, CCI
    Fertilizer shortage detection, fertilizer map generation for potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus

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    Our approach

    We work in close with our clients to accurately determine their needs and lay out our cooperation plan. As soon as we confirm the data that needs to be acquired, a mission is configured and all the necessary permits for proceeding with the mission are obtained. Depending on mission type, we select an appropriate UAV for the task. A long range survey would use a fixed wing aircraft, while dense areas and precise building surveys may in certain cases necessitate the use of a multi-rotor copter. Each client request is unique to us and is fulfilled to the fullest extent, even with survey grade accuracy and precision.

    About Us

    Laserpas is an international Remotely Piloted Airborne System (RPAS) operator, offering comprehensive and tailor-made UAV solutions to accommodate a wide array of customer needs in a variety of industries.

    Laserpas is the first independent RPAS operator in the Baltic States, engaged in the activity of developing state-of-the-art payload control and image processing systems. The company also conducts high-precision, long distance UAV operations, providing its customers with actionable data and professional support every step of the way. Laserpas has its own fleet of fixed-wing UAVs and boasts a team with over 10 years of experience in the field.

    Laserpas operations and development are backed by Avia Solutions Group - a Warsaw Stock Exchange listed aviation company with more than 20 subsidiaries worldwide.


    Our Clients

    Laserpas aims to work with companies that operate large networks of infrastructure, such as pipelines or power lines, or industrial structures used as hubs for manufacturing or logistics. We are already working with the Mechanical and biological waste treatment plant “Energesman”, the top 10 logistics company in Eastern Europe “Girteka” and one of the biggest Lithuanian furniture manufacturers publicly listed AB “Vilniaus Baldai”. 

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    Ready to cooperate ? Part of Avia Solutions Group, a Warsaw Stock Exchange listed aviation company.
    Professionals with over 10 years of visual experience in UAV operations and avionics