Precise inspections of power grids help prevent failures, accidents, and interruptions. However, the process of conducting manual inspections is labor-intensive and inaccurate. 

    At Laserpas, we believe that efficiency is essential, so we provide solutions that are efficient and cost-effective. When it comes to power grid asset management, no technology is as cost-efficient as aerial surveillance. Laserpas employs custom-built payloads to capture industry leading imagery using an array of sensors, capable of providing power grid operators with industry leading data. 

    The accuracy and speed in which Laserpas provides data and results facilitate the implementation of time-saving and cost-effective maintenance planning while, in turn, allowing utility operators to channel investments into areas requiring immediate attention. 
    Power Grid Asset Assessment

    High-resolution pictures enable Laserpas to assess the health of pylon and their components while identifying risks. The technology we employ can identify a wide range of issues affecting power grid assets, including:

    • Location and details regarding isolators with defects (varying ring sizes, missing, or damaged)
    • Location and severity of rust on various components
    • Hotspot detection
    • Concrete damage identification
    • Missing structural elements
    • Leaning pylon
    • Other (according to client needs)
    Environmental factor management

    Vegetation is one of the leading causes of power outages and blackouts. In our experience, environmental factors account for up to 80% of outages.  Laserpas’s exclusive solutions provide accurate data regarding: 

    • Vegetation location, height, and risk classification 
    • Tree location and risk classification 
    • Ground, structure, road, railway, bodies of water, and other network locations and/or risk classifications 



    Line management

    Hot weather and/or high usage conditions are hard on power lines, and, as a result, most power lines suffer from multiple heat-related issues. Laserpas’s technology can give clear pictures of how lines will react to heat, even before subjecting the line to extreme temperatures and heavy loads. Laserpas provides current and/or predicted data regarding:

    • Digital tower and conductor location correction (accuracy specified by the client)
    • Orthomosaics and thermal imaging
    • Power line profiling using as-is measurements and simulations─ Ground clearance, structures, other power lines, roads, railways, and water bodies