Data collection

    The process begins by assessing the needs client as well as the conditions of the environment surrounding the power grid. Laserpas then selects the most appropriate payload and technology (UAV or manned helicopter). The mission is planned, and before take off all payload equipment (PE) is checked and tested to make sure it is up to specifications by using full scope functional regression testing.

    The Laserpas team prepares detailed flight mission plans for collecting RGB, LiDAR, IR, NIR, and UV data; according to the required accuracy and power line schemes specified by the client. 

    Throughout the flight, the system is constantly monitored to ensure continuous data precision throughout the entire flight. If any anomalies occur, great care is taken to ensure the client still receives the requested results in the quality expected. 

    As soon as the mission is completed, data is offloaded to an external mobile data storage device where it is stored on a minimum of two physical drives to ensure redundancy.

    Once it is backed up, all of the data is uploaded to the headquarter’s data center for further analysis and processing.


    Data processing

    Laserpas processes all data using top-of-the-line 3D and 2D viewing technologies. With in-house technology customization, our highly qualified and experienced team provides data that allows clients to estimate potential risks, take preventive actions, avoid legal liability, and limit risks to the environment. 


    Throughout every project, progress reports can be provided concerning executed flight corridor lengths, discovered defects in power lines, dangerous vegetation, downed trees, and security zone infringements.

    All results are provided in a user-friendly, open standards-based form. We strongly believe that every customer should have full access to all data collected and analyzed; therefore, we typically place all data onto the GIS platform already used by the customer. If no platform is available, we always come up with a mutually effective and convenient alternative solution.

    The format of the reports is always tailor-made to suit the client’s needs.