Laserpas CEO Mantas Vaskela will be speaking at Commercial UAV Expo Europe, the leading pan-European trade show and conference for the commercial drone market, on April 12th in Amsterdam. 
    Recently, Laserpas participated in the American exhibition, Distributech, in San Antonio, Texas.  While at the exhibition Laserpas presented information about their newest product.  This innovative solution allows clients to conveniently see all of the information concerning their power lines from an online platform.  While at the exhibition, T&D World, the authoritative source for power-delivery professionals, saw Laserpas’s presentation and rated the product in the 10 most innovative solutions at the exhibition. 
    In this age of new technologies, all industries are trying to implement innovative solutions to make their daily operations easier and more efficient. As is the Latvian transmission systems operator Augstsprieguma tīkls AS (AST), which has ordered the first-ever innovative power line inspection and data management in order to identify structures and objects that threaten power grids and could lead to dangerous situations.
    On the 23-25 of January, Mantas Vaskela, CEO, and Eva Dovgialo, VP for Business Development at Laserpas, exhibited at the largest utility event – DistribuTECH ( in San Antonio, Texas, USA. 
    The United States is facing increasing power outages, surges, and spikes problem, which costs around $150 billion annually. There is an effort to make the power grid more reliable, but the numbers reveal that the problem keeps rising. Over 3,800 outages were reported in 2016 alone, which marked a 9% upsurge in comparison to the previous year. Smart data-driven solutions can help to save up to 50% of costs and make power line maintenance more efficient.
    Putting lights over houses or Christmas trees is one of the most-awaited family gathering events for some. Unfortunately, in 2013, more than 65 000 Irish households were spending Christmas Eve in the dark, hurricane Maria, the largest blackout in the US history, left 3.5 million inhabitants without power for 36 days. Scientists conclude that power outages are expected to become even more frequent in the future. Why this happens and how to keep the lights on during the festive season?