One of the Fastest Growing Utility Asset Management Companies in the EU Partners With Leader in Deep Learning Neural Networks to Power Drones and Automate Workflow
    The scrutinization of asset management methods in the electricity sector has led to extensive research and is fueling changes in the decades-old industry. With customers forcing utility providers to explain any increase in costs, budgets are a hot topic and finding ways to cut down costs is essential. In the electric field, specifically within distribution networks, these demands are forcing distributors and operators to look at their assets in a whole new light and find ways to move away from time-based or run-to-failure maintenance plans.
    Laserpas, an aerial power line inspection company, has received an official invitation to participate in the K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018 (KSGC).  In August, the Company will begin an accelerated startup process that includes personal mentoring and support from the Korean government. Throughout the next 3.5 months, the Laserpas team will establish a company and make connections in Korea. 
    Have you switched on your air conditioner yet? If so, you are one of the millions around the world. Have you noticed any issues with your power flickering or even going out? Again, if so, you are one of the millions around the world. Every year, Power distributors and operators fight an intense battle with the weather and load conditions present in summer. From soaring temperatures to strong storms, power outages are many times more likely to occur in summer.
    Mantas Vaskela CEO of Laserpas, a company providing aerial power grid inspection services, will present the differences between inspections using manned helicopters and UAVs. The lecture will take place at Asian Utility Week in Bangkok, Thailand on 27-28 June 2018.
    Technological advances have streamlined manual processes in almost every industry. With drones and helicopters leading the forefront of asset inspections, the electricity sector is no exclusion.  As technology becomes more accessible and customizable, many power distributors and operators are choosing to purchase drones and do inspections themselves, while others are choosing to hire companies that specialize in performing asset inspections.