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    Data collection

    The process begins by assessing the needs of the client as well as the conditions of the environment surrounding the power...

    Data processing

    Laserpas processes all data using top-of-the-line 3D and 2D viewing technologies. A multi-step internal process is used to process raw data...

    Data reporting

    All results are provided in a user-friendly, open standards-based form. We strongly believe that clients should have full access to all...

    Case Studies
    Baltic Transmission Operator

    Laserpas carried out a power grid inspection pilot project for one of the national transmission operators in the Baltics. After inspecting 136,17 km of 330 kV power grid lines, the company identified over 1,500 suspicious and dangerous trees, as well as more than 850 buildings...

    Distributie Oltenia

    In 2017, Laserpas inspected 600 km of power lines in Romania for Distributie Energie Oltenia. In the span of power line inspected, Laserpas identified multiple objects that posed imminent threats to the power grid and hazards that could cause injury or even loss of life.


    Elektro Ljubljana

    Laserpas, a leading utilities management company, has helped the biggest distribution network operator in Slovenia, Elektro Ljubljana, improve its power line maintenance efficiency by inspecting a portion of their grid.

    In the area inspected, Laserpas helped identify multiple objects that posed an imminent danger to the...

    About Us

    Founded in 2015, Laserpas is an aerial inspection solutions provider that works exclusively with power grids and caters only to this specific industry, making us a specialist in the field.

    With a commitment to harnessing innovative, cutting-edge technology that can be applied to power line inspections, Laserpas competes with typical on-ground field inspections and traditional helicopter patrols by facilitating the acquisition of volumes of power grid data at an unprecedented frequency.

    Laserpas‘ solution allows energy network operators to shift from expert-based decisions, where a lineman is sent out to the field periodically to inspect the power grid visually, to data-driven decisions, where large areas are scanned and analyzed in order to identify not only pressing issues, but also weak links in the chain. This facilitates a more preventive rather than reactive maintenance and investment strategy.

    With the use of our technology, we have already helped reduce inspection costs by approximately 20-50% in the regions where we operate – Central and Eastern Europe. 

    We are actively expanding into new markets and are now pursuing opportunities in other European countries, Asia, North America, and LATAM.

    Upcoming events
    January 2020

    DISTRIBUTECH International is the leading annual transmission and distribution event that addresses technologies used to move electricity from the power plant through the transmission and distribution systems to the meter and inside the home. 

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